Situated in the heart of Santa Ana, Benchmark’s new American perspective
ties all this into with a sense of place, as we invite you to stay awhile.


Benchmark is a modern restaurant, with a market-driven, upscale casual menu, offering local, fresh, and seasonal fare. Our community dining sensibility is paired with regional wines, local craft beers, an outdoor atrium setting, and a focus on an overall shared experience.

Opened in the summer of 2019, Benchmark embarked on a mission to become the go-to upscale dining spot, rooted in community warmth and the ambiance of a friend’s welcoming home. Our carefully crafted menu, beverages, and atmosphere all echo the cozy vibes of Orange County’s outdoor charm. With a commitment to seasonal excellence, our menus rotate quarterly, showcasing the best of regional cuisine. Whether it’s lunch, brunch, happy hour, or dinner, Benchmark has you covered. Choose from three distinct dining spaces: a picturesque outdoor area nestled among trees, an intimate covered patio, and a private dining enclave tailor-made for unforgettable events.

We love what we do, aim to be great, and set ourselves to a high standard. We craft menus meticulously, educate ourselves to continuously be better, and always want our guests to feel welcome from the start of their dining experience to the end.

Address: 601 E. Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92701